Foundations of Choral Tone:
A Healthy and Proactive Approach to Vocal Technique and Choral Blend
by Alan Zabriskie

Foundations of Choral Tone presents a series of proactive and insightful lessons for building choral tone from the ground up. This outstanding resource provides choral music educators a clear and complete method for developing a healthy and expressive approach to singing that facilitates blend rather than imposing blend on singers.

Kimberly Barclay Drusedum, whose choir from Green Valley High School performed at the 2009 national convention of ACDA described the book as follows: “The book Foundations of Choral Tone is long overdue and will become required reading for all those entering the choral music profession.”

Foundations of Choral Conducting
by Kevin Fenton


Foundations of Choral Conducting is designed to progressively disclose characteristics of the effective conductor, beginning with gesture, moving into score study and then rehearsal planning and execution

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“I think the most positive quality about Foundations of Choral Conducting is the manner in which it demystifies the conducting process by providing an effective step-by-step sequence that is clear and concise”  - Greg Woodward, Truett-McConnell College

"Foundations of Choral Conducting provides a thorough and practical guide for teaching gesture and rehearsal strategies to the beginning choral conductor.  Fenton organizes a logical sequence of gesture development with appropriate musical examples and clearly defined assignments designed to target specific objectives.  The book offers all of the content necessary to build a solid foundation of conducting skills in a well conceived package appropriate for the undergraduate conducting classroom." - David Holdhusen, University of South Dakota

"Foundations of Choral Conducting is an instinctive, practical and sequential approach to teaching conducting.  This book addresses fundamentals of choral conducting, score analysis, and planning and implementing appropriate rehearsal tools for efficient and effective rehearsals." - Craig Zamer, Tennessee Tech

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